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Dr. Sasi Kanth Zagabathina

Professor & HOD                                                                                                                  ForensicMedicine                                                                                                                                S.V Medical College,Alipiri Road,TIRUPATI.
A.P, India.Pin-517507
Mobile : 7068601111, 7299632222
E Mail: editor@ijmhc.com


Managing  Editor

Dr.Madan M reddy,

MBBS,M.D ,Consultant Anesthesiologist

Mother Hospital. G.Car Street,


Email: drmadan@ijmhc.com



Dr. Suneetha. B

MBBS, MD  (Paeds), 
Associate Professor Peadiatrics,
Siddhartha Medical College,Gunadala ,Vijayawada
A.P, India,email: suneetha@ijmhc.com


Dr.Shilpa Pawar

Faculty in Family Medicine,
Raffles group Hospital,585 north bridge, Raffles city
Singapore. mail: shilpa@ijmhc.com

Dr. Manmohan Reddy

Professor Forensic Medicine, Goverment of Swaziland, Home department,
Swaziland.Mail: drmanmohan@ijmhc.com


Dr. Sophia Paleti ,M.D

Professor, Department of Anaesthesia,
Siddhartha Medical College,Gunadala
Vijayawada.Mail: drsophia@ijmhc.com

Dr. K.V.Phani Madhavi, .M.D

Associate Professor Community Medcine,
Government Medical College, Opp.Central Prison
Rajahmundry.Email: drmadhavikvp@ijmhc.com

Dr. Keziah Joseph ,M.D

Professor of Paediatrics,
Mamatha Academy of Medical Sciences,Bachupalli
Hyderabad. Mail: kezia@ijmhc.com

Dr. V.K.Kavitha, M.D

Professor of Paediatrics,
Govt Medical College, Khaleelwadi, Nizamabad - 503001
Mail: kavitha@ijmhc.com

Dr.Bhaskari Kolli ,M.D

Associate Professor,
Community Medicine,
Government Medical College,G.T Road,
Ongole, A.P.India.email- bhaskari@ijmhc.com

Dr.Siddu Nikith, MD .,DM

Consultant and Endocrinology, Siddartha Hospital,Near Vijaya mahal Gate,
Nellore, A.P.India.email: siddu@ijmhc.com

Dr.Sravya, MDS

Consultant Family and public dentistry,Smile Dental Hospital,Near RTC Bus stand
Nellore, A.P.India. Email: sravya@ijmhc.com

International Journal Of Medicines and Healthcare (IJMHC) having ISSN (2790-9778) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing papers of excellence in all areas of Medical sciences. Papers in All basic medical Sciences like Aantomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, virology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Forensic medicine are welcomed as well as papers in all areas of Clinical health care like Internal medicine, clinical medicine,OBG, Orthopaedics , Ophthalmology, ENT,Public health, Emergency medicine,Transfution medicine,Hospital Administration, Neurology, Radiology Dentistry and all Clinical Super speciality healthcare research. The Journal serves wide ranges of international faculty of medical researchers, pharmaceutical employees, specialized and general clinicians and Post Graduate Students.

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Dr. Sasi Kanth Zagabathina

Zed Publications,
26-16, Iscon city, Nellore,A.P.,India
Mail : chiefeditor@ijmhc.com

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Dr. Sasi Kanth Zagabathina

26-16, Iscon city,Nellore, A.P.,India
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