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International Journal of Medicine and Healthcare (IJMHC) having ISSN (2790-9778)

Bi-Annual journal high-quality health research; to promote international dialogue and collaboration on health issues;

to improve clinical practice; to provide the quality information on health issues ;and to expand and

deepen the understanding of health .



Editor  & Publisher

Dr. Sasi Kanth Zagabathina

Professor & HOD ,
Department of Forensic Medicine,, 
Sri Venkateswara Medical College 
Tirupati ,Balaji Dist.A.P, India.
Mobile : 7068601111, 7299632222,Mail:		  


International Journal Of Medicines and Healthcare (IJMHC) having ISSN (2790-9778) is a Peer-reviewed scientific Medical Bi Annual Journal publishing papers of excellence in all areas of Medical sciences. Papers in All basic medical Sciences like Aantomy, Physiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Community Medicine, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Forensic medicine are welcomed as well as papers in all areas of Clinical health care like General medicine, clinical medicine,OBG, Orthopaedics , Ophthalmology, ENT,Public health, Emergency medicine,Transfution medicine,Hospital Administration,  Radiology, Dentistry and all Clinical Super speciality healthcare research. The Journal serves wide ranges of international faculty of medical researchers, pharmaceutical employees, specialized and general clinicians and Post Graduate Students.

IJMSHC meets the need for publications addressing translational and / or transformative scientific research in medicine and healthcare. It is a forum for medical scientists, and other professionals, and processes research papers and reports of medical studies on medical scientific discoveries, innovative medical design and applications for healthcare system improvement using data and computational systems.

It is an open access digital journal that provides rapid publication (Bi-annual) of articles covering a wide range of academic disciplines and all areas of Medicine and Molecular Medical Sciences such as: Clinical Medicine, Basic Medical Sciences, Preventive Medicine, and other related research. IJMHC serves the world’s research and scholarly communities, and aims to be one of the largest publishers for professional and scholarly societies. It is not only a publisher but also a hub for scientists.It serves as a platform offering useful resources for research. IJMHC journal maintain the highest degree of probity and highest standards of peer review, with some internationally-recognized editors serving on the editorial boards of IJMHC journal. Through publishing with IJMHC , your work can easily accessed by anyone and you can get a quick response from your colleagues worldwide.

Scope of the Journal

The journal provides a platform for communication between Doctors, Health care Professionals,researchers, Educators, Post Graduate students within Health Care Profession. The Journal delivers original research that directly impacts patient care therapies, protocols, and strategies, ultimately improving the quality of healing.

Rights and Responsibility Reserved

As an author at IJMHC your rights will be protected and ensured that all legal and ethical information and copyright regulations are addressed. Whether an author is published with IJMHC we hold ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards of ethics, probity, integrity, responsibility and legal obligation.

Open acces Policy :


Efficient Peer Review Process

All articles published by IJMHC follow the Internal peer review system designed for each article published. All our editorial team , who are run by a group of experienced professional  doctors are subject to an efficient, fair, effective and constructive Internal peer review process.Our qualified staff review the the articles with proper discussion. Alternatively, you can invite your reviewers from our platform during article submission to come back and post their review again on our portal. Reviewers get the most freedom to criticize or debate on the content and validity and viability of the research article, which enables them to express their thoughts freely. We, at Recent Medical Publications feel most privileged by providing a platform to engage experts, authors and increase networking possibilities within specialist scientific communities All articles published by IJMHC provide immediate free access to the full text of articles in PDF format. PDF access is free for all the journals in the world.the open access policy of journals aims to increase the transparency and viability of the published content.

Purpose of Peer Review

Internal Peer review is a critical element of scholarly publication, and one of the major cornerstones of the scientific process. Peer Review serves two main functions:

All articles will pass through a quality control system (peer review) before publication.

World Wide Distribution

Our competent and experienced marketing teams will ensure that your article gets the widest exposure possible and our website guarantees transparency, visibility, including social bookmarking services, so that your article reaches those people who need to read it.Our production team members and sales staff work with collaboration to enhance and improve our services without compromising our high quality standards

Publishing Services

We now share our up to date knowledge and experience with those people who wish to publish their own publications. We provide useful advice that will avoid the expensive pitfalls and mistakes which anyone new to publishing can easily make. Under the Open Access label and with a free on-line accessibility , we are strongly engaged in helping academics make their work visible and accessible to diverse around the world.


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